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Getting your medicines if there's a 'no-deal' Brexit Posted on 18 Sep 2019

The government is continuing to work closely with the NHS and its suppliers to ensure medicines and medical treatment continue distribution throughout the UK following the possibility of a 'no-deal' Brexit.

NHS England encourage you to order your repeat prescriptions as usual and continue to take your medication as per instruction by your medical professional as normal. It is important to not order more medication than is needed or instructed by your medical professional as this will put strain and increased pressures on the NHS to provide more stock than necessarily needed. Please do not produce your own personal stock pile of medicines at home as this may increase the chances of another patient not being provided with stock.

The government is putting mitigations in place to avoid low stock and high demand following a possible 'no-deal' Brexit on the 31st October 2019. These mitigations include; increasing supplier stock, allowing regulatory flexibility and ensure transport and supply is capable of withstanding higher demand.

A 'no-deal' Brexit will not stop the NHS from continuing to provide its professional and exeptional standards throughout the UK. Please follow this link for more information on how the NHS and government are planning for a 'no-deal' Brexit following the 31st October 2019.